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We love making things easy for you! This is why we are putting loads of effort into developing plugins, add-ons and modules for widely used platforms, which you can use to make integration an issue of a few clicks. 

In this article you can find how to integrate e-satisfaction.com to Prestashop by using the Prestashop module that our team developed for you to use.

Information Needed

Gather all the required data as pointed out in the Web Integration article, in the section "Information Needed".

Step 1: Preparation

The e-satisfaction add-on can be obtained for free through the Prestashop Addons Marketplace. If you have not already done so, you can find the add-on directly by visiting this link.

Then, simply download the module onto your computer.

Step 2: Upload

The next step will be to log into the dashboard of your Prestashop website (with admin rights) and locate the modules section. 

In PrestaShop 1.7, the page should look like the following snapshot: 

In the top right section, you should be able to see an icon labelled "Upload a module". Click on it and upload the file that you obtained in step 1.

Step 3: Configure IDs

After successfully installing the plugin, simply type “e-satisfaction” in the search bar of your module manager in order to locate your add-on, as shown below: 


Then, click on the "Configure" button to start setting up the configuration details for the module, that are shown to the following screen:


By scrolling down, you should be able to see the fields to fill in order to install e-satisfaction on your website.   



In the Application container box, you will be asked to provide an Application ID and a working domain. 

The application ID can be found by accessing your e-satisfaction dashboard. In your store’s application, click on the Settings tab in the left-hand panel. 

You should then be able to view and copy your application ID by clicking on the copy button on the right of it, as shown in the screenshot:


As for the working domain, simply type: www.e-satisfaction.com in the field.


Checkout Questionnaire:

In the Checkout Questionnaire container box, you will be asked to provide a Questionnaire ID, which can also be obtained by accessing your e-satisfaction dashboard. In your store’s application, click on the Questionnaires tab in the left-hand panel, then click on Checkout in the Questionnaires box. 

Click on Settings, in the left-hand panel and you should be able to view and copy your Checkout ID by clicking on the copy button on the right of it, as shown below: 


Manually sending After Delivery/Store Pick Up

We are trying to make everything ready for you but still we believe it is good to control what is being communicated to your consumers and how or when you send them something, especially via email. This is why we provide the ability to choose whet her the sending of messages after the delivery or the store pickup will be sent automatically or not.

This is done in the "Manually Sending After Delivery/Store Pickup sending" which is shown below:




Setting the switch to NO:

By default, this switch is set to No, which means that After Sales questionnaires will automatically be sent to your customers 10 days after placing an order via e-satisfaction.com.

You can select select the time of your choosing and modify different aspects of the distribution settings of questionnaires from the e-satisfaction dashboard:

  1. Go to your application, then click on the Questionnaires tab in the left-hand menu
  2. Select the After Sales - Home delivery or After Sales - Store Pick Up questionnaire, then go to the Distribution Settings
  3. Click on the cog (Edit) icon above the After Sales Pipeline item, then click on the Scheduling tab in order to configure your preferred timetable.

Note: You will have to follow the above steps for both the After Sales - Home Delivery and After Sales - Store Pick Up, as modifying the settings in one will not affect the other.


Setting the switch to YES:

If the automated After Sales sequences are not suitable for your order process, it is possible to create your own custom sequences using the plugin's advanced settings.

NOTE: Before enabling this, you should deactivate the sequences in the e-satisfaction Dashboard.

To find out how to send the After Sales questionnaires manually, please visit the following article.


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