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Basic Questions



This article will guide you through the process of creating and editing your Questions inside your Questionnaire.

Basic Questions

From the Questionnaire Content Customization section, click on the "Add New Question" button as seen in the following screenshot:

And the next screen should appear:

Basic Question Settings

Each question has a set of common settings, as they appear in the following table:

Title Description
Title The question title should reflect clearly what you want to learn from your customer and it is shown to the questionnaire.
Display Name The display name is used internally only in various places in the dashboard to help you identify your question.
Type The Question type.
  Whether the question appears to your end-users.
Required Whether the question is required for an end-user to complete the questionnaire.

Whether the question is optional in display and randomize between a set of other questions.

We are covering this case in Optional Questions.

Icon The questionnaire icon, as it appears on the left side of the question title.

Type-Specific Question Settings

There are 4 types of Questions:

  • Rating
  • Single Selection (Radio)
  • Multi Selection (Checkbox)
  • Open Text

Rating Questions

A rating question asks from respondents to evaluate on a scale from zero (0) or one (1) to ten (10) the referred statement.

To create a Rating Question, you choose Rating from the drop down list and then complete the necessary fields:

Open text

A question with an open space where your end-users can freely provide their feedback with a comment:

Single Selection (Radio)

From a set of pre-defined values, the end-user can select only one answer:

Multi Selection (Checkbox)

Similar to the Single Selection, from a set of pre-defined values, the end-user can select one or more answers.

Question Values

Question values is a set of pre-defined values that are displayed to the user. Values are used for the following type of questions:

  • Rating
  • Single Selection (Radio)
  • Multi Selection (Checkbox)

Each question value has a value and a title:

Title Description
Value The value that will be stored as representation in the e-satisfaction system.
Title The title of the value that will be displayed.

Rating Questions

For rating questions, you should set two (2) values for your side texts of the scale:

  • Value (1): Represents the left range of the question
  • Value (2): Represents the right range of the question

For example, if you want to ask with a rating type question how satisfied your customers are, then:

Value Title
1 Not at all satisfied
2 Extremely satisfied

In this way, the question displays the a scale of answer options from a range 1-10.

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