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I get too many emails, can I keep the alerts and get fewer mails ?


You want to be alerted for everything? Yes, you can do it, but sometimes it can be overwhelming and by setting alerts and monitors for everything can get your Inbox full with mails that turn the voice of the customer to an endless buzz.

Here is how to control it.

Solution 1 - Get NO mails and track alerts through e-satisfaction.com dashboard

You can keep the alerts you have created and select to receive them only in app from the notifications settings list. It is a bit radical but it works :) 

Click here: User Profile Settings and you will be redirected to your user profile page. In this page search for the Notification Settings Tab and click it to expand. In this screen you have full control on how you get alerted and for what kind of events. 

From the events list, find the Trigger Subscribed Monitor and unclick email button.

By doing so, you continue to gather monitors but you can view them only from your dashboard. 

Solution 2 - Select for which alerts you will be notified

In case that you have setup several alerts and you need them but after delegating most of them you are left with a mail flood, you can easily select the alerts for which you want to be notified. This can be done by clicking on the "Alerts" icon that you can find on left of your screen, which when clicked leads you to this view.

All the alerts that you have set up can be found here, so if you want to stop receiving notifications for one or more of these alerts, just change the On/Off button for the corresponding alert.

  • When the alert is sent to On, you get notifications and
  • when it is set to Off, everything is silent. You still get the event but you just don't get the email.

Magic, isn't it? :)

The best next step is to determine what is the optimum mix of alerts that make sense to you and start getting actionable feedback directly to your email! 

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