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I get too many alert emails



In the past you might have activated to receive all alerts in your email about all the events that are happening in e-satisfaction. This can fill in your inbox with notifications and might result in ignoring these emails, thus ignoring your customers.

You can choose only the emails that you want to receive, for the entities you want to watch.

Read more about Subscribing to Events and Watching Entities.

Solution 1: Deactivate emails

You can keep the alerts you have created and select to receive them only in app from the notifications settings list.

Go to User Profile Settings and in the Notification Settings section you can select which events you want to receive notifications for, and on which channel:


Check that you have disabled the above event for the Email channel.

Read more about Subscribing to Events.

Solution 2: Unwatch Monitors

Perhaps you are getting too many notifications for monitors that you are not interested in. In case you do want to receive emails, but only for the monitors you are interested in, you will have to unwatch the monitors you don't need. Go to the "Alerts" section in the Application profile and turn off the watching switch:


Read more about Watching Entities.

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