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Checkout Questionnaire is not displayed after completing the integration process


If everything goes well after the integration, the first thing you should do is test the functionality by making a purchase and in the thank you page, you should see the checkout questionnaire, as shown in the following snapshot.

In tha case that you do not see it, there are a number of reasons that might cause this questionnaire not to be displayed, so here is what you can do to start exploring this issue:

Check 1: Validate that the questionnaire is active

Once you login, go to the application that the issue appears on and in the Questionnaires section click on the name of the questionnaire that you want to be displayed (in the case of omnichannel retail it will be the Checkout questionnaire) 

Scroll down a bit and you will find the Distribution settings and click on the "Web Integration" tab to see the following screen.

In this screen make sure that the following settings have been setup

Check Name


Checkout Questionnaire is active

Active = On

Checkout Questionnaire for mobile works

Mobile = On

From these settings you will be able to turn on / off the checkout questionnaire.

Check 2: Validate that you have entered the correct Questionnaire ID and Application ID during the integration

The Questionnaire ID and Application ID are two unique identifiers that are different for every application. You can find them in the following locations:

Application Home -> Application Settings -> Application ID 

Application Home -> Questionnaire -> Questionnaire Settings -> Questionnaire ID

To be sure that the integration has been correctly completed please validate that during the integration you have entered the correct IDs. 

Depending on the type of integration you selected there are different places to spot where you can view these settings

Integration type

Check to make

Prestashop Plugin Integration

Prestashop Integration Guide

Magento Plugin Integration

Magento Integration Guide

Custom Integration

Check this integration stage to see where you should add these IDs

Step 3:  Check that you have defined a placeholder for the questionnaire 

As mentioned in this stage of the integration, the checkout questionnaire is displayed in a placeholder that you define. The name of this placeholder is defined in the settings of the questionnaire and can be found under Questionnaire Home -> Distribution -> Web Integration. When you will be on this page, you will see this content.

The name of the placeholder is mentioned in the Position field. Ensure that you have defined in the checkout success page the placeholder with this name, as a css selectorThis is where the questionnaire will reside.

Step 4: Reach for help

Okay, we admit it. There may be a lot of settings or integrations steps that might make things go wrong. In this case we are always here for you. If after going through these basic troubleshooting steps you are still facing issues you can reach us at c.success@e-satisfaction.com or just send us a message through the chat box you can see on the right of your screen.

We are always here to help you and excited to get you started!

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