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e-satisfaction Sequences

e-satisfaction sequencesis a way of sending asynchronous questionnaires to the end-users after responding to a questionnaire.

IMPORTANT: The end-user must view a questionnaire in order to receive the asynchronous one.

An example of this flow is the Omnichannel type of Application which contains two Sequences Transitions:

  • Checkout -> After Delivery
  • Checkout -> Store Pick Up

Before proceeding to the next steps, make sure you are aware of our Queue Implementation.

Troubleshooting Checks

In this guide will describe the checks from the Omnichannel perspective, but it should be similar for any type of application including any flow.

Omnichannel Context

After sales questionnaires are sent after the purchase and may be the stage that provides the most useful feedback through e-satisfaction.com.

There are two types of after sales questionnaires, one for home delivery and one for store pickup. If the integration has been made correctly, you should be getting different questionnaires for this two different types of transactions. The troubleshooting process will be the same for both, so feel free to go through it for the questionnaire that is not working for you.

To confirm that everything is working, first of all make a purchase through your e-shop, note down the transaction id and the email you used and then go through the following troubleshooting steps.

Check 1: Check if the mail has been added to the queue

You can read more about our Messaging Queues.

To make it simple, you should be able to check your queue, as the following screenshot:


If everything has been correctly setup, you should see the email you used to make the purchase. Spot it and check the status:

  • PENDING: The message is scheduled to be sent at some point in the future. You can check what time it is scheduled to be sent by checking the column "Send Time".
  • SEND: The message is sent. You should check your email. Don't forget to check your spam/junk folder and get in touch with us if the message is falsely marked as spam/junk.
  • ABORTED: There was an issue sending the message. Go through the next steps of this guide.

If you cannot find the queue item, there might be something wrong with the integration or the questionnaire settings, so proceed to the following checks. 

Check 2: Validate that the sequence is active

Visit your Application Settings -> Questionnaire Sequences, where you should be seeing the two sequences, store pickup and After Sales, as seen in the following snapshot for After Sales:


And for Store Pickup:


WARNING: In the case that you have chosen to send after delivery and store pickup questionnaires manually, these settings will be displayed as inactive, as you control how these messages are sent. If you change it to active, mails will be sent both by you and e-satisfaction.com, so take extra care to cross check proper integration.

Check 3: Check your Messaging Service

You can read more about our Messaging Services.

Before proceeding further, make sure your Messaging Service  is setup and working properly. You can also check our guide on Testing your Messaging Service.


Check 4: Validate that you have entered the correct Questionnaire ID and Application ID during the integration (only for API integrations)

If you have selected to send the messages through our API calls, you should make sure that the correct. The Questionnaire ID and Application ID are two unique identifiers that are different for every application. You can find them in the following locations:

  • Application Id
    • Application Home -> Application Settings -> Application ID 
  • Questionnaire Id
    • Application Home -> Questionnaire -> Questionnaire Settings -> Questionnaire ID

To be sure that the integration has been correctly completed please validate that during the integration you have entered the correct IDs.

Final Step: Reach for help

If none of the above steps worked for you, you can Submit a request and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

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