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Browse Questions Display


The questions in the Browsing Stage appear randomly when your e-shop's visitors spend significant time browsing. Actually, it's you can set the actual condition you want the browse questions to appear.

To do so, you will have to log to your account on e-satisfaction’s dashboard, click on Distribution Browse Button on the top of the home page  --> Web Integration 

Now, you will have to choose to display a question to visitors after being on your website for certain minutes frequency cap. (e.g 2 minutes) and finally, set the time after a browse question would be displayed again at the same visitor - delay cap (e.g 7 days).

Moreover, you can select in which pages the questionnaire would appear and in which not. 

Below the Frequency and Delay Cap, there are two boxes.

At the blacklist box you can insert multiple URLs in which browse questions are excluded (insert them using seperate lines) 

On the other hand, at the whitelist box insert those URLs where you only wish to display the questionnaire.

Similarly to blacklist box, URLs should be added in different lines. 

Do not forget to save the changes you made. 😊

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