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Messaging Services



e-satisfaction might send messages to users under two occasions:

  1. Send notifications to the dashboard users
  2. Send messages to the end-users, the users of our Customers

Dashboard Users

Dashboard users receive web and email notifications only. This is covered by the built-in email provider that e-satisfaction uses.

End Users

The end-users however have an interaction with the e-satisfaction Customers, thus the e-satisfaction should not contact them directly.

In this case, e-satisfaction acts as a medium to reach the end-users using a set of messaging providers for the supported channels.

Supported Channels

Currently we support the following channels:

  • Email
  • SMS
  • Viber

Messaging Services

You can configure your messaging service by clicking on the "Settings" section on the Application page:


Setup a Messaging Service

You can create a new Messaging Service by clicking on the "Create New" button on the top right corner of the panel and the following dialog will be displayed:


NOTE: You can create only ONE provider per channel.

Messaging Service Configuration

You can create select different providers for different channels. Read more about Configuring your Messaging Service.

Testing your Messaging Service

After creating your Provider, you can test if it works properly. Read more about Testing your Messaging Service.


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