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How do I create a Messaging Provider?


First, you should log in your e-satisfaction account and go under Configuration --> Application Settings

At the panel " Messaging Provider", click on Create New button and fill in the below information as they are requested. 

At the open window, you should fill in the required information. 

Step 1: Select email from the drop down list as channel type.  

Step 2: You should define the name that will appear as the sender of the After Sales e-mail. We suggest to select a name compatible with your brand name in order to be more trustworthy by the recipient.

Step 3: You should choose the mailing platform that will be used to send the After Sales and Store Pick Up e-mail. We offer you multiple choices. 

Option 1: Moosend 

If you own a Moosend account, then it is needed to fill in your account details (username, password)

Option 2: Contact Pigeon 

In case of Contact pigeon as mailing platform, you should complete additionally the API Key and the Attach Flow ID linked to your Contact Pigeon Account. 

Option 3: Mandrill  

It is required to complete apart from the basic information (channel, handler title, handler and sender) , the API Key.  

Option 4: STMP

 On condition that you use STMP as mailing platform, complete the Host and Port info of your account. 


Step 4: Handler Title

As handler title, you complete the name of the mailing platform that you use. 

Step 5: SAVE the changes 😊

If you want to learn how to test the After Sales and Store Pick up that you sent, continue reading here. 


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