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You can send bulk messages to your customers using asynchronous messaging lists where you can import their data and let e-satisfaction send them questionnaires. These asynchronous messaging lists are called Queues.

The Messaging Queues are lists of recipient info. You can check them on the e-satisfaction dashboard and can help you to keep record of the customers that received or are going to receive questionnaires, mostly in cases of flows.

Messaging Queues enable you to:

  • manage emails that they are not delivered to your customers (see the status per recipient)
  • cancel a scheduled message
  • set the most appropriate conditions under which emails would be sent to your customers (e.g send time).

To see your Messaging Queues, select Distribution Section in your Questionnaire Page and select the Messaging tab to see the lists of recipients:

Queue Items

There is a global Queue for your Account and each questionnaire manages only a set of it. In each Questionnaire's Queue, you will be able to see your queue items. Each item has the following information:

Field Description
Status The status of each queue item.

The channel via which the queue item will be dispatched.

The channel is controlled by the Pipelines.

Identifier The recipient identifier. It can be either an email address or a phone number, based on the channel.
Pipeline The assigned Pipeline.
Send Time The time when the item has to be sent.
Dispatched Time The time when the item was actually sent.
Language The language in which the queue item will be sent.

Queue Status

Each Queue Item can have one of the following statuses:

Id Name Description
1 Pending The item is waiting on the list to be dispatched. Usually, it's before the send time.
2 Processing The item is being dispatched to the user.
3 Sent The item has been dispatched with success.
4 Failed The item failed to be dispatched.
5 Aborted The item aborted by a user action (or API).
6 Ignored The item was ignored, perhaps due to Pipeline Conditions.
7 Quota Limit Reached The item was not dispatched because the Account has no more credits.
8 Unsubscribed The user has been unsubscribed from your Pipeline or from e-satisfaction.
9 Max Retry Attempts Reached The item failed to be dispatched more than once and reached the retry limit.
10 Frequency Cap Hit The item was not dispatched due to Pipeline Targeting Settings.
11 Opened The email sent to the user was opened (only for email channels).

Queue Item Language

Each item can be assigned a language. Language is used for:

  • The message content that the recipient gets
  • The questionnaire display language

Language can be:

  • Auto
  • Specific

Auto Language Detection

When a queue item is on auto-language detection, this means that the message content will follow the Pipeline Targeting Settings regarding the language and the Questionnaire will be displayed in auto-detection mode.

Specific Language

If specific language is selected for the queue item, both the message content and the questionnaire will be displayed to the selected language, if translations are available.

Queue Item Details

For each Queue item you can check their:

  • Queue Item Details
  • Questionnaire Instance Details

Queue Item Details

It provides an insightful summary about a Queue Item - when the recipient received the email, the channel they received it etc.

Most importantly, it includes a field called "Result" where you can see any errors that might occure while trying to send the message:

Questionnaire Instance Details

A detailed description about questionnaire is sent to your customers, and additional information about the recipient (country, language etc).

Next Steps

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