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Edit the default content of After Sales e-mail



The first thing to do is to log in your e-satisfaction account --> select Distribution After Sales from your home page --> Messaging

In the middle of your page, click on the gear button and start editing the After Sales Email. 



The content of after sales email is consisted of the message body and the message subject. 

Message Subject:  Firstly, you can edit the Message Subject. The current Message Subject is " Your opinion matters" in English language. Just delete the current one and add your own appealing subject email. 

Note: There is no character limits but try to keep it short !  

Message Body: The message body is an HTML page. 

You can either (a) edit the existing HTML text or (b) insert your own HTML page. 

Whatever you choose, run a test before sending the after sales email to verify that changes are saved properly.  

(a) Edit the existing Content

By selecting the HTML tab (top right corner) you will be able to see the default after sales email content.

Important parameters:

%{application.title} - Your application's name

%{metadata.transaction_id} - Your customer's transaction id 

%{collection_url} The url of the questionnaire will be displayed to your customer when they click the button


 (b) Upload your own HTML

You are able to upload your own html code for the after sales email, by following the steps bellow:

1. I'm sure you are using a mailing platform to create your own, beautiful newsletters. Use it to create your own After sales email.

2. When you start creating the HTML page, keep in mind that after sales email is part of customer journey. Therefore, use colorsimages and font compatible with your brand. As follows, you increase the likelihood to get a response from your customer.

The content may be similar to a newsletter one, just simpler and for sure shorter.

Note: If you want to upload any image (example: your logo), insert image as a link.  

Using other methods to insert image in Aftersales HTML (e.g base64) would not be supported!

3. Also, remind to your customers that this message is interrelated with a transaction between them and your business by adding variables like %{metadata.transaction_id}.

Last but not least, to make the submission button clickable add the following variable : href="%{collection_url}

4. Copy the HTML code from your mailing platform and Paste it in the pipeline content settings as shown below.

5. Save your options and Test it. Click here to see how you can test it! :)







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