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Browse Questionnaire Settings


Wow! You have completed with the integration process and you are all about to start your trial period at e-satisfaction.com. 

As you already know, at e-satisfaction we have created 5 ready-to-use questionnaire templates, according to different stages of the customer journey. 

So, the very first time you should do, when you log in your e-satisfaction.com dashboard, is to set up the questionnaires. 

1. Browse Questionnaire Settings

Browse Questionnaire is used to capture feedback from the visitors, while they navigate your website.

  •  Browse questions is always displayed as a pop up window (below picture)


When a visitor wants to close the browse question, he only needs to press the button (below picture) 


To edit the type of browse questions and other general settings of browse questionnaire like the position or the language, you should log in your dashboard and select the

Browse Questionnaire --> Distribution --> Web Integration Settings 

1. Active Button: Turn on or Turn off the display of the Browse questionnaire

2. Mobile Version: You can select if the browse questions would appear to those who navigate your website through their mobile devices. Just turn on the mobile button! 

3. Language: Select a specific language from the drop down list or choose auto language detection and adjust the language to visitors browser language. It is really useful if you have customers from abroad. 

  Note: From the drop down list you can view all the available languages we are able to support at the moment. The template questionnaires are translated in GR and EN.

4. Type: Questions would be always appeared as box (pop up window). 

5. Position: The default position is the bottom left corner.

We suggest to select a position in which the question would be visible and would not interrupt the journey of your customer (for instance to hide the cart or important information about products. 

6. Frequency cap: At e-satisfaction.com we have a cookie policy. Therefore, you are able to define how many days after those the same visitor would see again a browse question. 

7. Delay Cap: Another thing to set is to the delay cap.

Choose how many minutes after a visitor navigates, a browse question will be displayed. 

Another amazing thing you can do at e-satisfaction.com dashboard is to choose at which pages browse questions would be displayed/ or not displayed. 

8. Blacklist: At blacklist box, insert the URLs in which the browse questions would not be displayed. You should use separated lines for each URL. 

9. Whitelist: On the other hand, at whitelist box insert the URLs the browse questions are allowed to be displayed! 

Notes for 8 & 9 Bullet Points

a. The URLs should be authentic, meaning that you should insert the entire URL including http/https. 

b. The condition which controls URLs is startWith, so you can insert a variable after the URL but not inside the URL.

For instance, you want to add to the blacklist box the URL:  https://www.mysite.com/cart

Then, the URL: https://www.mysite.com/cart/anything could be considered as blacklist. On the other hand, the rule would not be valid for the following URL: https://www.mysite.com/anything/cart 

When you finish editing, press Save and return back to your website to check how browse question displays! 

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