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Checkout Questionnaire Settings


Checkout questionnaire is displayed when a customer completes their order. 

An important setting you should take care of while your tech team completes the integration process of the checkout questionnaire is the position. We suggest set it at a visible position to your customers (e.g. above the order summary) in order to secure that the customer would see it and consequently would complete it. 

So, except for the script integration, let's see what are the options you have to display checkout questionnaire through dashboard settings.  

From your dashboard home page, select: 

Checkout questionnaire--> Distribution --> Web Integration Settings 

Similarly, to the Browse Questionnaire Settings you are able to determine: 

1. Active Button: When you want to turn off the checkout questionnaire, return to this page and click on active button. By default, checkout questionnaire is active. 

2. Mobile Version: You can either select  to display or not the checkout questionnaire to those customers who complete their orders from their mobile devices. 

3. Language: With the use of auto detection language, the language of questionnaire is adjusted to the language of the browser. If you want the questions to be displayed in a fix language, you should turn off the auto detection language button and select from the drop down list one of the available languages. In this way, you can select only one language for the questionnaire.  

4. Type: Checkout questionnaire is by default embedded type. We suggest not to configure this setting.

5. Position: At the position box, you should insert the name of the CSS placeholder, to define the place of the questionnaire in your checkout page.

We have predefined the CSS placeholder (#esat_checkout_container), so you don't have to search for it. 

We suggest not to configure this setting.

6. Frequency cap: You are able to define how many days after those the same customer would see again a browse question. 

Click Save to make changes live to your customers! 

Now, you are ready to start collecting feedback from your customers at the checkout stage. If have any other request about checkout settings, please contact : c.success@e-satisfaction.com

Follow this link to learn what changes you might need to do for After Sales and Store pick up email! 

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