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After Sales and Store Pick Up Questionnaire Settings


After sales and store pick up email are sent when a customer has received their order (there are two types according to the shipping method).

If a customer has chosen home delivery, then the After Sales email is sent to him. Otherwise when he picks up the order from the store, the Store Pick up email is used. 

At this stage, you can set up how many days the questionnaire would be active and if it would editable after the submission. 

Supposing that you want to edit the After Sales Email. You should:

Log in your dashboard --> Application Homepage --> After Sales Questionnaire --> Questionnaire Settings --> Basic Information 

Valid Days: Set how many days the questionnaire can be completed by the recipient. 

Editable: If this option is on, then a customer after the submission of the questionnaire can edit their answers. 

Collapse: There are two options.

On click, the customer is redirected to a new window where he can see only one question and when he answer this question, then the rest questions unfold. (collapsed ON)

Otherwise, on click the customer sees the whole questionnaire. 

Click on Save and you are done! After sales basic information are ready! 

You can follow the same process for store pick up questionnaire. 

Now that you are done with basic Settings, please check also the Pipeline Settings.


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