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Pipeline Targeting Settings


When you send an email, it is of primary importance to set up the right conditions under of which the emails would be delivered to the recipients. 

At e-satisfaction, we help you to send targeting emails to your customers according to your business peculiarities (i.e average time of delivery, cancelled orders etc).

Therefore, before start sending any email to your clients, first you should define specific factors. 

Assuming that you want to edit the conditions/settings of after sales email. 

Log in your dashboard  -->  Select the after sales email from the homepage  -->  Distribution

In the middle of the page, you will see the After Sales Pipeline.


Click on the gear button, to edit the settings for the After Sales pipeline. 


Start Day and End Day: 

First thing to set up, it is when the emails would start sending to your customers (start day). 

If it is a custom questionnaire that would be sent for a certain period of time select also the end date. For instance, you have launched the new website and you want to gain insights about changes. Then, this questionnaire would have an end date close to the start date. 

On the other hand, if the questionnaire aims to acquire responses for a long period of time, then you can choose as an end day a year later from the start date. 


We offer you two options: 

1. Auto Detect language: The questionnaire language is adjusting to customers web browser language. 

2. Certain Questionnaire Language DisplayIf you have transactions only with local customers, then select from the drop down list the language display. If the language you want to select it is not among the available ones, contact us: c.success@e-satisfaction.com 


Dispatch Start Time - Dispatch End Time: 

Define the hours between the questionnaires will be sent to the customers. This is really useful in order to avoid communicating your customers inappropriate hours. 

For example, if a customer has done an order at midnight, then by default the after sales questionnaire would be sent after x days (delay cap you have sent) at 12:00 PM to the customer.

Dispatch Start Time and Dispatch End Time define the allowed hours the emails would be delivered to your customers independently the time the order was done. 

The suggested Dispatch Start Time is 9:00 and the Dispatch End Time: 21:00. 


Frequency Cap: 

Frequency caps defines the days after which the same customer would receive the after sales email. The condition here is that the customer has ordered again from your e-shop. So, you should define the duration between the last time the customer received the email and the next time the email would be delivered to the customer. 


Delay Cap: 

Assuming that the order needs 5 weekdays to be delivered to your customers, then the delay cap should be more than 5! In this way, you make sure that a customer would not receive the email before receiving the order. 


Max retry attempts: 

At the end, you should determine the number of failing attempts after which the after sales email would stop trying to be delivered. By default, we have set 3 attempts. Of course, you can change it.


Press Save, to make the changes Live! 

You should follow the same process for the rest of questionnaires' pipelines you want edit!  

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