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3 ways to distribute a questionnaire


At e-satisfaction dashboard, you can find three ways to distribute a questionnaire to your customers. 

1. Web Integration: You integrate the questionnaire to your website

2. Messaging: You send the questionnaire via channels (SMS, Viber, Email) 

3. Public Link: You share a link with the questionnaire

According to the aim of the questionnaire, you can differentiate the distribution method. 


1. Web Integration 

If you want to display the questionnaire to your website then we offer you two options. 


a. Box Questionnaire Type 

This integration type is applied to the Browse questionnaire.

While the customer navigates the website or visit a specific page, then a pop up box appears with the questionnaire link or a question. You can edit the position of the box questionnaire type after completing the integration process.  



b. Embedded Questionnaire Type

The embedded questionnaire type is used for example, for the Checkout questionnaire.

The position of embedded questionnaires is defined during the web integration process. 

Below, you can view how the checkout questionnaire is displayed after a customer submits the order. 


2. Messaging

This distribution method allows you to deliver the questionnaire through 3 different channels.

a. SMS

b. Viber

c. Email

When you use messaging platforms to distribute the questionnaires, it is required to:

  • Set up Messaging Providers: A messaging provider is any third party - tool is essential in order to send the message to your customer
  • Create/Import questionnaire queues: The questionnaire queues are the lists of responders


The After Sales and Store Pick up emails are distributed by the messaging procedure. 


3. Public Link

The public link is suggested for custom questionnaires.

Assuming that you have created your own custom questionnaire, then you can get the shared questionnaire link and send it to a targeted audience or in general. 

It is usually referred to short term projects. 

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