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Add/Import Items to a Questionnaire Pipeline


Questionnaire queues are used when a questionnaire is distributed with a messaging method (mainly email). A questionnaire queue is consisted of multiple queue items. 

At e-satisfaction platform, there are 5 available ways to add/create a items to questionnaire queues. 

1. Questionnaire Flows (automatic)

2. API Call (technical)

3. Import CSV file (manual)

4. Data Bridge (technical)

5. Add manually (manual)

To add queue items with the use of Import CSV File, Data Bridge or Manually, you need to Log in your Dashboard and from the home page select the button Distribution of after sales or/store pick up questionnaire in order to set up the import methods. 


On click you will be redirected to the Distribution page. In the middle of the page you will find the Questionnaire Pipeline Information



To use Questionnaire Flows, should you follow this Article: Questionnaire Flows

To use the e-satisfaction API Call, view the guidelines here: API Call

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