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Import CSV File


Here's an easy way to import items to a questionnaire's queue pipeline.

To import a CSV file, Log in your dashboard -> Go to Distribution Settings per questionnaire (eg After Sales and Store Pick Up) from the Homepage of your dashboard. 

In the middle of page, you will find the Questionnaire Pipeline Settings.


When you click on Import button, then you will be requested to upload the relative file from your desktop.



The required data of the CSV (comma separated values) file in order to be delivered are: 

responder_channel_identifier: the email or the phone number you want the questionnaire to be delivered

send time: the day-time that you wish the questionnaire to be delivered to each responder. 

Important: The format type of the send_time should be like YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm (example: 2019-03-19 14:30)

Any further information you want to import should be first defined in your Application Metadata Settings (more info here). 

- If you want to import responder's phone, which is a responder's metadata, you should add to your file a column named metadata.responder.phone. 

- If you want to import the store id, which is questionnaire's metadata, you should add to the csv file a column named metadata.questionnaire.transaction_id

Here's an example of a csv file:


Important Notes

Note 1: If you want to import values in Greek Language please make sure that the file's encoding is UTF-8.

Note 2: Make sure there is no space in columns name and the metadata name of the CSV file is synced with the metadata name has been created on your dashboard at the application metadata page. 

✔️Correct: store_name

❌Wrong: store name

Note 3: Make sure there is no space before or after the comma

✔️test@e-satisfaction.com,2019-03-18 16:30,6956898989

test@e-satisfaction.com , 2019-03-18 16:30 , 6956898989

After uploading the CSV file, click save and check the queue items with status "Pending"  to verify that the items are added. 

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