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Add Queue Item



Queues can have items in and out constantly. Most of the time, these queue items are being inserted in the queue by internal processes of the e-satisfaction. However, you can manually add Queue Items either for testing or for bulk send without e-satisfaction API Integration.

Add a Queue Item


Usually for testing, you can add a single Queue Item to your Pipeline by clicking on the "Add" button in the pipeline panel. The following dialog will appear:

API Call

In case you need your system to manually insert queue items from your system based on custom conditions, read about Add Queue Item: API Call.

Add Multiple Queue Items

You can add multiple queue items at a time with our Import functionality.

One-time Import

If you plan on sending the questionnaire to a list of recipients, you can skip clicking on the "Add" button multiple times and read about Add Queue Item: CSV File.

Continuous Import

If you have the need of importing a list of recipients over a repeated period of time, you can read about Add Queue Item: Data Bridge.

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