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In other articles we have examined how you can Distribute your Questionnaire, including Web Integration to your website and Asynchronous Messaging Lists.

In this article we will describe how you can share your Questionnaire through social media or through newsletter emails, in a general way where any user with a link can respond to your Questionnaire.

Generate Public Link

The first step of the process is to generate the Questionnaire Public Link. Simply go to your Questionnaire Distribution Section and click on the Public Link tab. You should see the following dialog:


From this dialog you can:

  1. Get the Public Url
  2. Share the questionnaire through a social network

Simply copy the Public Url and paste it in your messages to start collecting responses.

Shorten the Public Url

You can also Shorten the url using the selected Application Shortener Provider:


Add Metadata

You can also add metadata on demand on every public link by using the "Add New Metadata" button below. Simply add as many metadata you want, along with their values, and they will be appended in the url:


You can also shorten the url with the metadata.

Share via Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+

With the given questionnaire public link, you can easily create a post in one of the available networks. Simply click on the logo of the social network you prefer:



Public links generate new questionnaire instances on the fly. However, the amount of viewed instances might be different in cases where the user closes the window too soon.

Further Reading

Read more about how to Embedded Public Link in a newsletter.

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