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Share a questionnaire with Public Link


The e-satisfaction platform provides multiple ways to distribute a questionnaire to a person. 

Regardless of having or not completed the integration process, you can distribute a custom questionnaire to your customers with a public link.


1st Step: Log in your dashboard

From the home page of your dashboard, you can find the custom questionnaire you have created. 


2nd  Step: Select Distribution Settings

From the Feedback page, you should select the Questionnaire Distribution Settings 


3rd  Step: Get Public Link 

From the Distribution Page, select public link and at the new window you will find the URL of Questionnaire.

You can share this link via your Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin or/and Google + account. 


4th Step: View the Responses of Public Link 

To view the answers of this questionnaire, you will go to Raw Data Page of the questionnaire.

Raw data is part of the block Reporting of Questionnaire Home Page. 




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