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Create a customer segment


To create a customer segment, the direct way is to log in your e-satisfaction account and from the home page select Customer Segments. 

Here, you can find the list of customer segments accompanied with their status (active/inactive), their name, the number of conditions and the questionnaire is related to. 

Click on Create New Button and fill in the required fields. 

#1 Choose the questionnaire.

From the drop-down list, select the questionnaire from which the responses would stem from. You can find all the available questionnaires. 

#2 Define the segment name.

Select a name would include all the indicative conditions of group:

  • an attributive adverb (e.g happy, unhappy)
  • the name of questionnaire this segment is related to (e.g after sales) 

#3 Upload a relative icon (optional)

You can use a picture to make easier to identify each segment.

#4 Set the conditions of segment

You need to set at least one condition in order to activate the segment. 

Conditions are consisted of questions, comparisons and values.According to question type (open text, rating, single/multiple choice) , should you select the relative comparisons and values. 


Option 1: Open text question type

In case you select as condition an open text question ( e.g Tell us something that you want us to know), at the box comparison choose : 

1. empty ( if you want to filter the questionnaires without comments )

2. contains (if you want to group questionnaires with comments) and leave the value box empty. 

Option 2: Rating question type

To categorize your customers based on a rating type questions, you need to select the rating type question from drop-down list and choose a comparison that compares numbers not qualitative data. Consequently, the value box should contain a number from 1 to 10. 

For instance, to create a segment with unhappy customers you select the question: "How satisfied are you with our e-shop" , comparison: "Less than or equal to" , value box : "6" 

Then all the customers whose questionnaires meet this condition would be aggregated to the segment "unhappy customers". 

Note: At rating question type, you cannot select as comparison "empty", "not empty", "contains". 

Option 3: Single selection (radio) or multiple selection

In this case, you can use only the comparison: equal and in the value box you fill in a number from 1 to 10 accordingly to the number of suggesting responses you have set. 

So, to create a segment based on how many customers have responded "Yes" to the question "Would you buy again from our e-shop" at after sales questionnaire, you pick the following condition: 

  • Question: "Would you buy again from our e-shop?"
  • Comparison: "Equal"
  • Value: "1

Supposing, you wanted to create a segment with customers would not buy again from you, the value box should contain the number 2. 

#5 Turn on the Active Button 

#6 Save 

Once you have saved your customer segment, go to your dashboard and activate a campaign that suits to this segment. 

Moreover, whenever you want to check the status of a segment, return to your dashboard home page and get the info you may need.


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