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Can I edit the content of the template questions?


Each questionnaire of your Omnichannel application is connected to a template. 

To edit a question is included into a questionnaire template, first you should disconnect the entire questionnaire from the template.

You would be able to disconnect the questionnaire only when you buy the "Custom Questionnaire feature"


- By the time you select Disconnect Button, you can edit any template question you desire. 

- However, this is an irreversible action.

- When you disconnect a questionnaire from the template, you cannot connect it to its template again.

- As a result, the feature "You vs Market" would not be active for all the disconnected questionnaire. 

Supposing that you want to edit a question from checkout questionnaire template.

Log in your dashboard --> Select Checkout Questionnaire from the homepage --> Content Customization from the left side bar list 


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