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Campaigns Priority


Marketing Campaigns are a feature you can use to leverage the customer feedback. At e-satisfaction dashboard, we have created for you 6 + 1 marketing campaigns to target the different customer segments.

Additionally, we have granted your application with features which enable you to set up the campaigns properly. 

Supposing that you have created two campaigns and each of this campaign is connected to a different customer segment. 

If a customer belongs to the both segments, which campaign would be displayed to the customer? 

The answer is:  The campaign with the highest priority number would be displayed to this customer. 

In general, any campaign with priority number equal to 0 has the highest priority. As the priority number grows, the priority becomes lower. 

To set the display order of campaigns, you need to fill in the priority number of each campaign. 

Log in your dashboard, visit the campaign Overview page, select the campaign you want to configure and go to the Campaign Settings.

From the table Basic Information complete the priority number per marketing campaign. Then click Save, to make changes live! 



Now every time that two or more segments target the same segment, the campaign with the highest priority would appear! 



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