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Testing the After sales email content


After editing the content, you can verify that changes are published by sending a test email to yourself or to a test email. 

To do so, the first step is to add a new queue item in the pipeline you made the email content changes. 

Assuming that you edit the After Sales email content, then you should pick the After Sales Questionnaire from your dashboard and go to the Distribution settings. 

In the middle of the page, you will view the After Sales Pipeline settings. 


Click on the Add Button and complete the required information as they are displayed at the following window: 


When you press SAVE, then you would find between the items of after sales queue, the item you have created. 


The status of the email is pending. When the email is delivered, the status would turn into completed. 

Note: Check your Spam folder in case you do not find the email in your inbox! 


If the changes are not saved or you face any other challenge during the process, you can always contact e-satisfaction customer success team: c.success@e-satisfaction.com

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