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Questionnaires Reporting: Performance



At e-satisfaction dashboard, you can get an instant report about the performance of a questionnaire, by selecting Response Rate Section:


Response Rate 

Response Rate of a questionnaire is analyzed into the following metrics:

  • Created
  • Viewed
  • Submitted
  • Response Rate


The total number of questionnaires created in the selected period of time. This includes all the questionnaires, regardless of whether they have responses or not.


The total number of questionnaires viewed by your customers. Total viewed metric is differentiated according to the questionnaire type.

A questionnaire can be viewed when the questionnaire actually loads the the customer sees it:

  • On Embedded Questionnaires
  • On Messaging Queue items when the user clicks on the link

NOTE 1: If you are using Public Link integration, you should expect to have Created = Viewed, since the Questionnaire is created on user clicking on the link.

NOTE 2: For this metric to count, the questionnaire should actually be viewed to the user. If the user closes the tab before allowing the questionnaire to be displayed, it will not be updated.


The total number of questionnaires with at least one question responded. To make sure you keep all the data of your customers, we record each response that the end-user provides, without the need to press the "Complete" button.

Response Rate

Response Rate = Submitted / Created


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