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API Call: How to add queue items


API calls is another method can anyone use at e-satisfaction dashboard to add queue item to after sales and store pick up pipelines. 

There are three steps you need to follow in order to implement this process. 

Step 1: Get the IDs you need for API Calls 

Step 1.1 Application ID

Every application is created at e-satisfaction dashboard is defined by a Unique ID. 

To get this ID go to your e-satisfaction Dashboard and select Application Settings 


Step 1.2 Questionnaire ID 

To find the after sales and store pick up Questionnaire IDs, from your dashboard home page click on the store pick up and after sales questionnaire. (on the top of the page) 

From each questionnaire page, select Questionnaire Settings and get the counterpart Questionnaire ID. 

Repeat the process for both questionnaires - Store Pick Up and After Sales. 


Step 1.3 Questionnaire Pipeline ID 

From your dashboard, select the Store Pick Up and After Sales Questionnaire respectively. 

After Sales/Store Pick up Charts Page -> Distribution -> Edit Pipeline -> Info Page 


Step 2: Authentication Token

To create a new Authentication Token, go to your User profile and select Settings. 

There you will find the option: Authentication Token (it is at the end of page) 


Click on the Create New button. As Token title you can set the name of questionnaire. When you press save, under the create new button you will find the token with the token ID you created. 


Step 3: Questionnaire's Custom Fields Metadata 

At e-satisfaction dashboard, you can push additional information related to the responder and the questionnaire. This additional information is called Metadata. 

To create/add after sales and store pick up custom fields metadata, you go to the Homepage of your Dashboard and choose Application Metadata

From this page, you can create questionnaire's custom metadata .  

Click on the Create New button and complete the required fields.  

When you finish editing, press Save and make sure from the list of metadata that the new metadata is published. 


Step 4: Set up API Call

You can check our API documentation here: https://esatisfactionv3.docs.apiary.io/ 

Find here the API Call for creating a new queue item. Note API Authentication Token (step 1.4) is required.

Testing Scenario

Execute the API Call and check the if the item is added in the Pipeline queue with status “Pending”




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