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Add Queue Item: API Call



API calls is another method can anyone use at e-satisfaction dashboard to add queue item to after sales and store pick up Messaging Queues.

In this article you can check the steps you need to follow in order to implement this process.

Step 1: Get the Ids you need for API Calls

You will have to get the following information:

  1. Application Id
  2. Questionnaire Id
  3. Messaging Queue Id

Step 1.1: Application Id

Every application is created at e-satisfaction dashboard is defined by a Unique Id. To get this Id you have to go to your e-satisfaction Dashboard and select Application Settings:

Step 1.2: Questionnaire Id

To find the Questionnaire Id, you have to go to your Questionnaire Settings page and get the Questionnaire Id:

Step 1.3 Messaging Queue Id

Go to your Questionnaire Distribution page and click on the Messaging Queue Edit button to see all the Messaging Queue Settings:

Step 2: Setup Metadata (optional)

When creating a Queue Item, you can create some Metadata to identify the responder or the transaction. Make sure you have added all the metadata you need in your Application Metadata section:


You can also Create your Own Metadata.

Step 3: Make the API Call

Before moving forward, make sure you have read and understood our API Documentation.

Read the Create new queue item API specification to help you setting up your API Call.

NOTE: Make sure that you define the send_time parameter properly to send the item sometime in the future. If the send_time parameter is skipped, the current time will be used.

Testing your Call

Execute the API Call and check if the item is added in the Messaging queue with status Pending.

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