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Questionnaire Flows (Omnichannel)


With the use of questionnaire flows, queue items of after sales, store pick up questionnaires and general of any questionnaire is distributed via email/SMS are automatically created. In other words, there is no need to import manually the recipients of questionnaires or to make any other action after finishing integration.  

If you are an omnichannel retailer, your e-satisfaction account has by default set up two questionnaire flows. 

  • From Checkout questionnaire to Aftersales questionnaire
  • From Checkout questionnaire to Store pick up questionnaire

In this way, when a checkout questionnaire is displayed to a customer then automatically this customer is added to after sales or store pick up pipeline queue regarding the shipping method. 

Note:  A customer is added to the questionnaire queue regardless if he answered or not the checkout questionnaire. The condition here is just to submit an order! 

To view the questionnaire flows, you need to Log in your dashboard and go to Application Settings



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