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Data Bridge


Data Bridge option is suggested when you cannot import manually a CSV file. 

With the use of Data Bridge, you connect your server to e-satisfaction software. Through this connection, a CSV would be exported from your server and would be uploaded internally to questionnaire queues of after sales and/or store pick up questionnaires. 

Then, the created items would be sent under the conditions you have set up at targeting pipeline setting - language, delay cap etc. 

To create a Data Bridge, you click on the Data Bridge Icon from Questionnaire Pipeline Table.

At the new window - Edit Pipeline Data Bridge you should complete the required information. 


a. Server Settings


Protocol: You choose between FTP (File Transfer Protocol ) and SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol) 

Then, we need the following information:

  • Host
  • Port
  • Server credentials ( Username, Password) 


b. File Settings

File path: Select the name of the file would be exported from your server. The file name should include indicative variables for the data. 

Then you should set the Start Time ( Date and hour) & the Frequency, the CSV file would be extracted from your server. 

Column Mapping (if necessary) 

The CSV file should include certain information we require in order to create the queue items. If you cannot edit the columns of the CSV file, then you need to add Mapping to match the required information with the equivalent yours information. 


To the left Column, named: Expected Value you will find the columns name we expect to receive from the CSV File. To the right Column, you need to match each of the expected value to yours counterpart value. 

Columns Titles are categorized according to the type of data. We distinct 3 data categories: Queue Data, Questionnaire Metadata and Responder Metadata. 



At the end of the process,

1. Click Save if you want to publish the changes you made

2. Click Retrieve Data, if you want to start running the process immediately


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