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Embedded Public Link in a newsletter



In a different article we described how you can create your own queue and send personalized messages to your users.

To make it more simple, you can include a questionnaire link to one of your newsletters or public messages via any channel and get the feedback you are looking for.

Send your Questionnaire to Public

Step 1: Generate Public Link

Simply follow the Public Link instructions to get your questionnaire link, either long or short, depending on the channel you are planning on using.

Step 2: Embed your link in your Message

Now you can setup your message and embed the url like the following examples:


Thank you for your purchase! Take 30 seconds to tell us your opinion here: %{public_link}

Where %{public_link} will be replaced with the url.


Somewhere inside the HTML of the email, you can add a button with the following link:

<a href="%{public_link}">Take the Survey!</a>

Where %{public_link} will be replaced with the url.

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