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I want to add a questionnaire link to one of my newsletters. How can I do that?


In many cases, especially in cases of custom questionnaires, you may get the questionnaire link to send it as part of an email (newsletter, custom survey etc) or a message. 

There is always the easy way to get a public questionnaire link and share it.

It is for sure a quick process but you miss important information about the person who completed it. 

At this article we describe the steps you should follow in order to generate a questionnaire link and at the same time with any response you get to collect responders' and questionnaires' metadata. 


Step 1: Gather metadata (examples)

Gather all metadata that we need to attach:

1. Responder Metadata Example


2. Questionnaire Metadata Example

  • transaction_date (e.g registration_date: ‘2018-07-31’ )
  • transaction_id (e.g transaction_id) 


Step 2. Get all required data

Step 2.1 Create your Application and get id

As a user on the e-satisfaction Dashboard, you can see the Application for collecting all your feedback.

 Step 2.2 Create your Questionnaires and collect ids

Based on the use case, get the questionnaire id needed to be sent to the final user. 


Step 3. Setup API call

You can check our API documentation here: https://esatisfactionv3.docs.apiary.io/

Step 3.1 Setup API Authentication

1. Read about the process here: https://esatisfactionv3.docs.apiary.io/#introduction/authentication

2. Get a token for your user here: https://app.e-satisfaction.com/user/

  • The user should have access to the Application
  • Check the panel “Authentication Tokens”


Step 3.2 Create new responder

(this is an optional step)

To be able to associate the questionnaire instance with a responder and attach some metadata to it, you must create a responder separately.

Read about how to create a new responder here: https://esatisfactionv3.docs.apiary.io/#reference/responders/create/create-new-responder 

Create a responder:

  1. Use token generated from step 3.1
  2. Make a call to the above URL
  3. On success, store the responder_id for further use 

Example API Call:

Create a new responder:


Step 3.3 Create new questionnaire instance  

Read about how to create a new questionnaire instance here: https://esatisfactionv3.docs.apiary.io/#reference/questionnaire-instances/create-list/create-new-questionnaire-instance

Send a questionnaire to a final user:

  1. Use token generated from step 3.1
  2. Make a call to the above URL
  3. On success response get the returned value “collection_url”
  4. Place the collection_url in your email and you are good to go





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