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Browse Questionnaire Integration (with Metadata)



Push metadata during the browse questionnaire integration 

Place the following script in the head section of your website. 

window.esat_config = { 
application_id: 'YOUR-APPLICATION-ID', 
collection: {
        metadata: {
            responder: {
'visitor': true for visitor, false for logged in user',
'gender': 'The gender of the logged in user',
'region': 'The region of your visitor/customer'
questionnaire: {   
'page': 'The page where the questionnaire is displayed',   
'mobile': 'true for mobile, false for desktop'   
            }  }  }  }  }; 

The above script refers to example metadata. 

You will have first to create your application metadata through your dashboard application settings and then use them during the integration process. 


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