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Create Authentication Token


Authentication token is a unique key you may need during integration process. For instance when an e-business uses API Call to distribute After Sales Questionnaire.

To create a new authentication token or to find an existing one, you should go to your User Profile from your e-satisfaction dashboard. 


Then from the new window, select the tab Authentication Tokens. 


Option 1: If you have already created an authentication token, then search from the list with authentication tokens and find the one you are looking for based on the name. 

Option 2: If you want to create a new one, then click upon the button Create New and fill in the requested fields on the new window. 


Note: The token title should be reflect the purpose of this token. For example if you use this token for the integration process, then you could write integration token. 

In this way, it is easy to look for a token when is needed. 


To forward the authentication token, then select the button next to the token (copy button). 

Do not try copy paste the token as it appears on your screen. 

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