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Badge Configuration


From the home page of your dashboard, select the Customer experience Badge to view the settings of the Badge. 

 Below there are the badge settings as they appear on your dashboard. 

#Layout Settings 


1. Active Button

Turn on/off the Active button in order to display the badge on your website. 

2. Mobile Version

Enable the mobile version to demonstrate the customer experience badge to your customers who access your website via their mobile devices. 

3. Display Mode

At e-satisfaction, we provide 3 different appearance forms to choose between. 

Here you can learn more about the available forms of badge. How is the badge displayed to my e-shop website? 

Determine which one is the most suitable for your website design and select the equivalent one from the Display Mode



4. Theme and Size: 

The available two Themes of the Badge could be either: 

Light Version 

or Dark Version

In case you have chosen the banner display mode, then the size of the banner is editable.

There are two options: Normal (300x250px) & Small (200x160px). 

5. Position (optional) 

Bar Display Mode: The bar is placed by default on the top of your website

Banner or Lightbox: In case you have selected banner or lightbox display mode, then at the position box you should put the placeholder of the badge in your website (e.g #esat_badge_container) 

6. Custom Style (optional) 

If your website and your e-business follows a strict policy on colors that may be used on the website, then you can insert to the box: Custom Style variables to edit the color of the badge. 


Note: Always press Save to publish the changes/settings of badge. 



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