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Callback Request Campaign - Basic Information



Have you ever thought that it will be really difficult to recover your unhappy customers in the e-Business world?

Well, not anymore. The Customer Callback Request campaign can be launched to immediately detect your unhappy customers and convert them to happy customers by asking them to fill in their contact data.

How it works

Click here to watch an example of what your customers experience when the Callback Campaign is active.


Before creating and launching your own Callback Campaign, you will need to create a visual which will motivate your customers to fill in their phone number or their contact information.

Read more about the visual you will need to create here.

Set up your Callback Request Campaign 

#Step 1 - Campaign Settings

Select the Campaign type and the segment you want to target, by following the guide here: How to create a Marketing Campaign 

#Step 2 - Campaign Content

Upload the Content you have created, test your campaign and set it Live, following the guide here: Content Settings 


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