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Refer a friend campaign - Basic Information



A Refer a Friend campaign will help you reward your happy customers, and especially the ones that are willing to recommend your business to their friends and colleagues (the so-called promoters). Another objective of this campaign, is to attract quickly and easily new customers to your e-Business. To do so, you need to provide both of them, namely the referrer and the referred, an incentive for their next purchase.

The businesses that have already used this automation created discount coupon for the next purchase. Namely, the referrer and the referred received an e-mail with different discount coupons that they will be able to use in their next purchase.


How it works

Click here to watch an example of what your customers experience when the Refer Campaign is active.



Before creating and launching your own Refer campaign, you will need to prepare

  • visual which will motivate the referrer to fill in the e-mail of a friend
  • two html files that will include two different discount codes (one for the referrer and one for the referred


Follow the Refer Campaign Visual Guidelines you will find here.

Now let's start setting up your Refer a Friend campaign! :)


Set up the Refer a Friend Campaign 

Step  #1: Campaign Settings 

Select the Campaign type and the segment you want to target, by following the guide here: How to create a Marketing Campaign 


Step  #2: Content Settings 

Upload the visual and the HTML files to your dashboard, and start gathering referrals from your happy customers!  Follow the guide here: Content Settings




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