Enabling Customer Centricity

Marketing Campaigns Library



e-satisfaction focuses on the shopping experience of every single customer and triggers a marketing action for each specific experience.

With Marketing Campaigns feature you can leverage your Customer Feedback, by identifying the different Customer Segments (happy, unhappy etc) and create personalized campaigns for each of them.

Display a Campaign

A Campaign is displayed to the user after they click on the "Complete" button, not before. On the fly e-satisfaction is calculating the Customer Segments and selects the matched Campaign.

NOTE: If your Questionnaire is editable, the Campaign will be displayed only the first time the user Completes it.

Application Campaigns

You should be able to see and edit your Campaigns by clicking on the "Campaigns" section on the left sidebar:

Application Segments

Before moving forward, make sure you have read about Customer Segments and how they work.

Create a Campaign

Clicking on a Campaign Type from the above screenshot, or click "See More" to check all the campaign types:

Campaign Content

All campaigns have a set of Common Campaign Settings and Content Settings. Based on the Campaign Type, there are different content settings for each of the different campaign types.

Campaign Preview

You can Preview each campaign you build to make sure you create the best experience for your users. Read more about Campaign Preview.

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