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Marketing Campaigns Library


About Marketing Campaigns

What would you do if you knew that the client that have just ordered from your website is a promoter of your business? 

Would you want to know who is the customer that bought from you but was dissatisfied after receiving the order?

Would you like your delighted customers to refer you to their friends?

e-satisfaction focuses on the shopping experience of every single customer and triggers a marketing action for each specific experience.

With Marketing Campaigns feature you can leverage your Customer Feedback, by identifying the different customer segments (happy, unhappy etc) and create personalized campaigns for each of customer segment

Marketing Campaign Library

Our Automated Marketing Campaigns Library contains the following campaign types - click on each campaign title to discover more: 

Here comes the magic… NO development needed!

Digital marketing operations team is more than enough to plan, set up and launch all automation and they can do it through an easy to use interface.

Do not wait any longer. Discover the power of Humanized Marketing and see how your customers will make you save money by bringing them in the center of your business!

So now let's create your first Marketing Campaign.

Go to your dashboard and discover the e-satisfaction Marketing Campaign Library! 


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