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Metadata || Create them from Scratch


We acknowledge two types of application metadata: Respondent Metadata & Questionnaire Metadata. Metadata is created once and it can be used for all questionnaires if you wished so.


The process of creating metadata is the following:

1. From you dashboard, you select application metadata: 


2. From the Application Metadata Page, you can view the default metadata (separated by type) and create new ones according to your needs. 


3. Regarding the type of the information (Respondent or Questionnaire), you click on the corresponding Create New button. 

Supposing that you want to add the information "transaction value" per questionnaire is completed. 

Then you go to the tab " Questionnaire's Custom Field" and select Create new. 


4. At the new window, you need to fill in the requested information.  


a. Name

The name of metadata should reflect the essence of information. For instance if the metadata is the payment method, then the name of metadata would be payment_method.

Important note: The accepted format of the metadata name is: payment_method or paymentmethod. You do not need to leave blank space between the words. 

b. Title

The title of metadata can be written as you wished and can be the same with name of metadata. 

c. Type

There are 4 value types: Text, Boolean, Date & Number

Apart from the case that the only acceptable values of metadata is yes or no, or true or false (in this case the metadata type is Boolean), we suggest to select always as type of metadata: Text. 


Press save when you complete the process, and verify that the metadata has been added at your metadata board. 



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