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Integration Guidelines | Magento Plugin


In this article you can find how to integrate e-satisfaction.com on Magento by using the Magento add-ons that our team developed for you to use.


Before you do anything else, you must find and download the correct module package, from the following link, depending on the Magento version you use: 

➡️ e-satisfaction Magento Plugin ⬅️


  1. Download release zip
  2. Open zip and extract files
  3. Upload the app folder to your magento root directory
  4. Clear your cache
  5. Log-out and log-in again to allow the plugin to be installed properly
  6. You are good to go

You should be able to find the module in your menu.

Important IDs (collect before you start)

For successfully plugin installation you will need the below information from you e-satisfaction account (dashboard):

Application ID: 

The Application ID can be found in the Application Settings page of the application that has been created.

User Token: To be able to export the token, you should log in to your account and follow the guidelines here


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