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Campaign Settings - Create or edit your Campaigns


#1 Step 

The first fundamental step of every marketing campaign you want to activate at e-satisfaction dashboard is to define the customer segment this campaign targets. 

You can learn here how to create from the scratch a customer segment: Customer Segment  

#2 Step 

Following the creation of the customer segment, you should go to the campaign overview page at your e-satisfaction dashboard and select the Customer Recovery Callback Request Campaign from the list.

1. My dashboard: Go to Campaign Overview 


2. Campaign Overview Page: Select the Campaign type you want to create (e.g. Customer Recovery Callback Request)


#Step 3

a. Select Customer Segment:

Search for the customer segment you have created at the #Step 1 and select it. 

NOTE: Make sure that the customer segment you have selected is active. If the segment has not been activated go to the customer segments section to activate it, otherwise the campaign would not be displayed! 



b. Name & Activate the campaign

Title: The title of the campaign could include the name of the customer segment this campaign targets and the customer journey stage (checkout, after sales etc). Giving a specific name to the campaign, empower you to manage the different kind of campaigns you create. 

Active Button: Make this campaign live by turning on the active button 

Submit Button: Save the campaign you have created 

After finishing this process, you have completed the first part of campaign activation. Now, the campaign is included in the section "My campaigns" of your dashboard. 

#Step 4

Set up the Basic Information of Campaign 

At the table below, you can view a summary of the basic information of campaign (title, customer segment) plus some extra settings you can edit about the campaign


Start date & End Date: 

By default the start date is the date you have created the campaign. This setting is editable so you can transfer the starting date later. 

The end date is optional. The campaign could run without any time restriction. 

Frequency Cap

Additionally you can define the days after this campaign would be displayed to the same customer. This is extremely useful to avoid collecting too many callback requests from the same customer. 


Supposing that you have activated more than one campaign targeting the same customer segment. Priority number helps you to select which campaign would be displayed to this customer based on your preference and the importance of the campaign. 

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