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Campaigns: Settings



Each campaign has some Common Settings, same for all Campaigns, and Content Settings based on the Campaign Type.

In this article we will describe the Common Settings and what are they for.

Common Settings

Before moving forward, make sure you have read and understood all about Customer Segments.

After you create a Marketing Campaign, you should be able to see its settings by selecting the "Settings" section on the left sidebar:


You can set a friendly title for your Campaign. It is visible only to the users of the dashboard, to be able to distinguish from the other campaigns.


You can enable and disable at any moment your campaign by simply setting the Active status on and off.

Start and End Date

You can set your campaign to start and end at a specific date. By default the start date is the date you have created the campaign. This setting is editable so you can transfer the starting date later. 

The end date is optional. The campaign could be displayed without any date restriction.

Frequency Cap

You can use the frequency cap setting to avoid displaying the same campaign to the same user multiple times in a given period of time.

The frequency cap is separated in 3 values: minutes, hours and days. You can set both values and the frequency cap will sum up to the user.

Frequency cap works for a user on the same device, using browser cookies.

Example: After the first display of the campaign it will take 1 day, 5 hours, 35 minutes to be displayed again.


You can target segments, languages and setup the campaign priority to reach your customers properly. Read more about Campaigns: Targeting and Priority.

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