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Callback Request Campaign - Performance


From the e-satisfaction dashboard you can track the performance of your Campaign (Campaign Analytics)

At the statistics page, there is a concrete reporting about the performance of the campaign.


To get this report, you should go to the Campaigns Overview page and from there to select the Callback Recovery campaign you have created.

On click, you will be transferred to the Statistics of the campaign.

There you may see, how many customers have seen the campaign (impressions) and how many of them completed it (actions) in any given period of time.


Get the Callback Data (in app) 

At the end of the Statistics page, you will find the board which includes all the information about the customers who responded to the campaign.


This board has four columns:
Callback Value : The email or the phone number of the customer
Time Slot
Time Created
Questionnaire Instance : The questionnaire instance gathers all the information regarding the questionnaire and customer. It shows the questionnaire link, all the responses of the customer, questionnaire custom fields - all the metadata is referred to this questionnaire and responder.


Get the Callback Data (email notification) 

Moreover, when a customer completes the Callback Campaign you receive an email notification with subject: [e-satisfaction] Your campaign has a new callback.


This email includes all the necessary information about the Callback Request you received by your customer.

  • Time slot has been chosen
  • Contact Information
  • Questionnaire Responses
  • Link to discover more information from your dashboard
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