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Callback Request: Data Collected



Every time a Campaign campaign is submitted, a record is created in e-satisfaction system.

Data Collected

You should be able to see all the collected data in the Campaign's Statistics section:

You should be able to see the following information:

  • Who (name, if any, and phone number or email)
  • When to be called (selected slot)
  • When they made the request (time created)


Callback requests can usually raise tickets in your organization platform. You can fully manage these callback requests as tickets through e-satisfaction platform using comments so that other agents/users of the platform can be updated on the requests.

For every request you can check how many comments it has by looking at the number next to the comment icon:

You can see all the comments and leave new ones by clicking on the comment icon. You should see the following dialog:

And after adding a comment, you should see the updated dialog:

In the above dialog you can see:

  • Who left the comment (icon and name)
  • The comment value
  • The time the comment created


After handling the callback request, a user agent is able to mark the request as resolved by clicking on the "Resolve" button:

After resolving the request, you should be able to see it along with the resolution time:

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