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Refer a Friend Campaign - Content Settings


Content settings are consisted of 3 steps:

1. Upload the Visual which will be displayed to your customer after completing the questionnaire

2. Insert the HTML pages will be sent to the referred and the referral

3. Insert the coupons


#1 Step: Upload the visual and "draw" the Call to Action Button.


1. Image: Upload the visual you have prepared for this campaign 

2. Background Color: You can adjust the background color the campaign visual would be displayed on according to the visual colors.

3. Button Background Color/ Button Color: Select intense and attractive colors for the call to action button, in order to be easily distinctive to the customer. 

3. Button Content: Write the text would be displayed on the Call to Action Button. The default text is: SUBMIT 


#2 Step: Insert the HTML files

At this section, you need to insert the HTML files your marketing team has created. Particularly,


1. Referrer Email Subject: In this box, you should fill in the email subject of the email would be sent to the referrer. A proposed email subject is the following: " Thank you for refer us. Here is your gift! " 

2. Referrer Email Message: To insert the HTML newsletter, click the HTML button and select the code symbol from the tool bar.

In the blank box, paste the HTML page and press again the code symbol to view how the HTML newsletter is displayed.

3. Referred Email Subject: In this box, you should fill in the email subject of the email would be sent to the person has been referrered. A proposed email subject is the following: " Your friend believes you should start using our e-shop"  

4. Referred Email Message: Follow the same process with Referrer HTML page. 


#3 Step: Insert Coupons

Last but not least insert the coupons your customers/ and the future customers win! 


There are two alternative ways to create and distribute the coupons to referrer & referred accordingly.

#1: Import a CSV file. 

The CSV file should include the following columns:


In case the coupon is reusable, you should insert the value 1. Otherwise, the cell value should be equal to 0. 


#2: Create a coupon from the dashboard 


Coupon Box: Fill in the box the name/ code of the coupon, the referred and the referral will win.  (bear in mind that the name of the coupon should be the same with the coupon of HTML newsletter) 

For instance, if you want to provide free delivery cost, then the coupon could be named after #FreeDelivery

Additionally, you can select if the coupon would re reusable or not!

Reusable is a coupon which can be used from more than one customer. 


Note: When there are no available coupons, the campaign would not be displayed at all. 



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