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A Refer a Friend campaign will help you reward your happy customers, and especially the ones that are willing to recommend your business to their friends and colleagues (the so-called promoters). Also, you can attract quickly and easily new customers to your e-Business. To do so, you need to provide both of them, namely the referrer and the referred, an incentive for their next purchase.

Refer a Friend displays a simple image and a form to allow the customer to refer a friend:

You can also use discount coupons to distribute to the referrer and the referred. We should examine this option later in this article.

Content - Basic Settings

Refer a Friend is similar to Image Display Campaign, with an extra form for the referrer to add the email of a friend. You should be able to all of them from the "Content" section of the campaign page:


Upload any image you think it's best for your users.

You can upload a separate image for mobile in case you want to be more friendly to your users visiting from a mobile device.

If you skip uploading mobile image, keep in mind that all the visuals are mobile responsive, but to ensure that the text message and the dimensions of the visuals would not be affected by the mobile device we suggest to create visuals with the following:

  • Suggested dimensions: 600x450px (height x width)
  • Suggested size: 150 KB 
  • Supported image types: png, jpg, gif


You can customize the look of the campaign by editing the theme and the button content to match your image. You can select your own:

  • Background Color
  • Button Theme
    • Button Background Color
    • Button Text Color
    • Button Text

With the above you should be ready to go. Click the Campaign Preview button to check your campaign once more.

Content - Email Messages

Whenever a refer a friend campaign is displayed to the user, the goal is to submit a friend's email and get an email with an offer.

You are free to setup the content of these emails (subject and body) for both (referrer and referred) yourself:

You can edit content in both plain text and HTML using our embedded HTML Editor.

Adding Images in HTML Message

At the time of writing this article, most of the email clients used by users (Gmail, Outlook, Mozilla etc) do NOT support embedded (base64 encoded) images.

e-satisfaction does not support image storage, for this reason you will have to store the image yourself and display it in the HTML message as a link:

<img src="https://path/to/image" />


In our effort to make e-satisfaction more personalized, you can use a set of variables in your message, which will be replaced with the actual values:

Variable Description

The questionnaire metadata value of the queue item.

Example: %{metadata.transaction_id}

%{responder.responder_id} The responder id connected to the queue item
%{responder.locale} The responder locale

The responder metadata value of the queue item.

Example: %{responder.metadata.gender}

NOTE: Be careful when you insert variables and add format to them. The variable should be whole as a string in the HTML in order to be replaced properly. Spaces or HTML elements like <span> in between the characters will prevent value replacing.


You can use coupons to make offers to your users when using the Refer a Friend Campaign. Read more about Refer a Friend Coupons.


In order for this campaign to the users and work with emails, there are some conditions that must be met.

Display Conditions

  1. There must be a value for the "email" responder metadata connected to the questionnaire
  2. If the campaign is using coupons, there must be available coupons where needed

If at least one of the above conditions is not met, the campaign will not be displayed.

Submit Conditions

For the referrer and referred to receive their emails, the referrer has to:

  1. Submit an email. Leaving the form empty will not work
  2. The submitted email should not be the same as their email. An error will appear


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