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At e-satisfaction we believe that e-businesses should take advantage of every interaction they have with their customers in order to increase the customer loyalty and create a strong bond with them.

Given that, we have created for you the Image Display Campaign.

Namely, you can display a clickable image that will entail your new brochure or an event that your company is organizing and you want your customers to learn all about it. Moreover, you can motivate your happy customers to provide their feedback on Skroutz, Facebook, Google Places.

The above are some ideas on what to display to your customers! However, there is no limitation to this feature. You may display any image or link that might be of interest to your customers and might help you increase their engagement with your brand!


How it works

After a customer completes a questionnaire, a default thank you message is displayed! (default version) 

We suggest to our clients instead of displaying a plain thank you message, to use this marketing space in their interest! 



Before creating and launching your own Image Display campaign, you need to clarify firstly what the objective of Image Display campaign would be, and then create the appropriate visual for this campaign.

Suggested Dimensions: 650x500px (widthxheight)

Supported Files: Png, jpeg, GIF

Important Note: Although the visual is entirely clickable, we suggest to create a distinctive Call to Action button in order to be clear to the customer that this Visual is associated with an action. 


Set up an Image Display Campaign

Select the Campaign type and the segment you want to target, by following the guide here: How to create a Marketing Campaign 

Upload the visual to your dashboard, and start using Image Display campaign to inform your customers about anything you want!  Follow the guide here: Content Settings

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