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Callback Request Campaign - Content Settings


You have created the Callback Campaign from your dashboard!

So,  the last step before set the Campaign Live is to upload/edit the content would be displayed to your customer. 

1. Image: Upload the visual you have prepared for this campaign 

2. Background Color: You can adjust the background color the campaign visual would be displayed on in alignment to the visual colors! 

3. Button Background Color/ Button Color: The call to action button should be distinctive and clear! Select colors that match the visual colors and are intense! 

3. Button Content: Fill in what the call to action text would be! (e.g: Submit) 

Note: The Button color is displayed in a box, which is automatically created under the visual. 



4. Define Time Slots: Set the available time slots, a customer could select 

Note: Do not add more than 6 time slots! 


Do not forget to press Save button when you complete editing! 


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