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Have you ever thought that it will be really difficult to recover your unhappy customers in the e-Business world?

Well, not anymore. The Customer Callback Request campaign can be launched to immediately detect your unhappy customers and convert them to happy customers by asking them to fill in their contact data:

Content - Basic Settings

Callback Request is similar to Image Display Campaign, with an extra form for the customer to provide their contact data. You should be able to all of them from the "Content" section of the campaign page:


Upload any image you think it's best for your users.

You can upload a separate image for mobile in case you want to be more friendly to your users visiting from a mobile device.

If you skip uploading mobile image, keep in mind that all the visuals are mobile responsive, but to ensure that the text message and the dimensions of the visuals would not be affected by the mobile device we suggest to create visuals with the following:

  • Suggested dimensions: 600x450px (height x width)
  • Suggested size: 150 KB
  • Supported image types: png, jpg, gif


You can customize the look of the campaign by editing the theme and the button content to match your image. You can select your own:

  • Background Color
  • Button Theme
    • Button Background Color
    • Button Text Color
    • Button Text

Input Data

The default requested value for a callback is the user's email or phone number, as it appears in the following screenshot:

To be more customer specific, you can also request their name. To activate the responder's name, activate the following option and write a placeholder for the input:

Finally, you can request from the users to accept a provided sheet of Terms of Use for their data, if requested by your organization. To activate the terms of use, activate the following option and provide the terms url:

With the above you should be ready to go. Click the Campaign Preview button to check your campaign once more.

Content - Time Slots

When you display a Callback Request, the user has to choose between a set of available contact slots. By default, there are 3 different slots available:

  • 09:00 - 14:00
  • 14:00 - 17:00
  • 17:00 - 20:30

Customize Time Slots

However, you can modify or add new slots from the Time Slots panel in the content section:

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